Friday, March 18, 2011

Music and Art uniquely bonded

 Albums of music grandiose, followed by impressive art

On Watain's artwork I could go on forever since I admire it a lot in all aspects,
be it concept,imagery,typography,feeling,mood,symbolic.
But that will be featured in another post!


  1. Re: No, it's not done yet.. We're still missing som furniture before it's perfect. I'll post pics when we're done ofc. We are paying 9000 NOK a month (about € 1150) for ca 45 m2, ok standards and close to the city senter. A good deal, but also quite normal.

  2. Re: I live with my bf, so it's more space for less money - divided on two :) We got the furnitures today btw.. It's not assembled yet(not sure if that's the right word), but hopefully it will be by tomorrow :)

  3. Ah, I love these. I also think the artwork by H.R. Giger on Celtic Frost's To Mega Therion is great.