Sunday, May 1, 2011

I'm uploading a few more live pics. This time it is of Impaled Nazarene @ An Club, Athens, February 2011

The rest of the batch can be found on my Flickr.


  1. Re: Yeah, a random dude came over and just gave it to me cuz he thought it looked like me. It doesn't :-p Good lighter though.. and free!

  2. Re: Silly girl, I've been on blogspot for over a year, you know that ;-p ♥ But yeah, blogspot is the best.

    the "Two Troll"-illustration is from the Theodor Kittelsen-book which you can find here:

    "Fiskersønnene" is from "Asbjørnsen and Moe - Norwegian Folk Tales I & II".. Didn't find it on Amazon.

    Both illustrations you mention is made by (The Almighty) Theodor Kittelsen. You can see more of his amazing work here:

    Definitely my fav artist.