Saturday, April 26, 2014

Impenetrable Darkness - Loyalty In Blackness / The Darkness Is Unleashed

The new album of Impenetrable Darkness - Loyalty In Blackness is revealed via Black Saw Records !
I worked on the magnificent and haunting artwork of Inkshadows Saint John(
doing the colouring of the artwork and the album layout.
The logo was created by Mark Riddick.

You can buy the cd,patch and t-shirt  from Black Saw Records and soon the band will have them as well
for sale at Impenetrable Darkness .

Friday, April 25, 2014

deɪ prəˈfʊndɪs

A couple of weeks ago I got to attend two shows of the "De Profundis" Tour(2014), while one of them
was a 5hour train trip away from my hometown.

As for the gig, Degial were fierce!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Promotional Lyric Video / Impenetrable Darkness - Overtaking Negation (2014)

Presenting you the creation of the lyric promotional video for the band Impenetrable Darkness "Overtaking Negation" from the upcoming full-length album Loyalty In Blackness (2014)

-You can also see it in 720pHD

Visit The Tomb Of Darkness:

Come to the Beast...!!!

My partner and I have founded Beast Of Apocalypse Studios in the beginning of 2014. An idea we've had for a very long time has finally come to life.

We can realise your deepest thoughts, so come to the...Beast!!!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Year 'Fourteen

A new year has come and a few changes as well,or to say better, a progress, a positive one of course
that I've been working on and will soon announce.

The year 'Thirteen has revealed two killer works of art that I have been listening to in repeat for months.The first one is "The Horror" by Tribulation (SWE) -who also released a new album "The Formulas Of Death" - and the second one is "Black Mirror Hours" by Chaos Invocation (DE)
Tribulation - Beyond The Horror
Chaos Invocation - Black Mirror Hours

The year 'Fourteen I'm impatiently waiting for the new full-length album of Impenetrable Darkness.
The black energies it exudes will reveal the unholy light and the coming of the Apocalyptic darkness!
It will soon be unleashed by the Mexican label, Black Saw Records.